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Jenna Michon

About Jenna

Hi! My name is Jenna Michon. I’m currently 21 years old living in New Jersey! My love for production/film came during my sophomore year of high school in California when I took a video production class. Throughout the year I learned the basics of production. I got really intrigued so I went on to taking Video Production II (2). In my 2nd year of Video Production I helped with shooting a YouTube show for my high school as well as I shot all the school rallies and some events. I really enjoyed shooting and editing and that’s when I knew that’s what I wanted to do as a career. Senior year of High School I was lucky to have worked with my local TV station in La Verne California and I worked with real production gear. I worked with them for less than a year but I really enjoyed it. Right after I graduated high school I moved to New York where I attended the New York Film Academy where classes were extremely long and intense. I learned how to use quite a few different film cameras as well as learn how to use all the production gear you can think of! After I got my certificate in Cinematography, I got a few jobs in the industry but then covid hit. Covid took a huge toll on everyone health wise and job wise. I’ve only had a few jobs during Covid so I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things!

Locations I would like to work
New York, New York
Production areas I would like to work in
Set PA, Producer's Assistant, Camera PA
Non-Production areas I would like to work in
Commercial Prod Co, Film Marketing, Lighting/Electrical
The collaborations roles I am interested in
Camera Operator, Cinematographer/DOP, Set PA

Skills & Experience

Driving license

Software Experience

Adobe Premier
- Basic
Final Cut
- Competent


2018 - 2019.
new york film academy

MediaMKRS Badges